What are the benefits of wearing latex?

Many love latex clothing, because she is not only hip, but feels like a second skin. However, the material is not breathable and therefore susceptible to bacteria if not properly stored and cleaned. To ensure that the pleasure of wearing latex clothing is permanent, a few instructions for carrying, washing, drying and storing are indispensable.

Tips for storage

Latex is sensitive and can tear quickly. Pointed objects, long fingernails and certain jewelry should stay out of reach. Latex must not come into contact with copper and brass, but also with greasy foods and oily substances. The natural material is even so sensitive that nicotine fingers can discolor smokers as well as dyed leather straps or even shoe soles. It is best to keep latex clothing in a dark, dry place, as sunlight and heat will make the precious material brittle, fade or deform. In the wardrobebest are straps that are covered with rubber or use garment bags for hanging. Temples made of metal or wood can damage the latex clothing. When storing in plastic, transparent bags or sacks should be chosen because the plasticizers contained in colored bags can damage the latex. The latex clothing must be completely dry before being hung in the closet or packed. Mothballs have no place where latex is stored. For Wearing latex this is the best deal that you can have now.

The right cleaning

A machine wash would be deadly for the noble material. The gentlest way to clean latex is by hand, it is advisable to prepare a bucket of lukewarm water. The temperature should never exceed thirty degrees. The garments are turned left, left for ten minutes and then washed by hand. As a cleaning agent, a mild shampoo is recommended. Dishwashing detergents and household cleaners should be avoided. Whether you need to resort to expensive latex detergents from specialist retailers is up to your individual taste and budget. Special detergent recommended in any case the care. When cleaning the motto of latex clothing is: if it does not harm the skin, then it is not harmful to the material either. A splash of silicone oil in the wash water helps to preserve the suppleness of the material for a long time. After hand washing, clothes should be rinsed with cold water until no more soap residue is visible. It is possible to wash latex in the washing machine in a laundry bag. However, only if the spin speed is set to 0, otherwise the surface of the material will be scratched. In the washing machine, the inside must be turned outwards.

[See the difference between natural and synthetic latex: https://laidtex.com/blogs/news/all-latex-is-not-created-equal-comparing-natural-synthetic-and-blended-latex]

Dry latex properly

Latex clothing must be hung in a ventilated but dark place to dry. Sometimes it comes to water inclusions, which look like spots. Here can be created by frequent turning during drying and dabbing with a clean, lint-free cloth remedy. If it needs to dry quickly, it is also possible to use a hair dryer, but the temperature should be kept away and a spot not worked too long. Latex clothing can also be dried in a tumble dryer with some restrictions. The gentle program should not run for more than five minutes.

How Do I Wash Latex And Dry My Latex Clothes Properly

When washing the spirits separate. While some say you can wash your latex clothes in the washing machine, others, only hand washing is the truth. There is also the option to dry especially chlorinated latex in a tumble dryer. But it is important above all with what you wash latex.

It is important to make sure that you use a highly degreasing cleaner, such as commercial detergents, but without ingredients such as aloe Vera or lotions, which are useful for skin care. You can also use shampoo of the simplest kind. Detergent for normal textiles is of course also common, but it should not be a fabric softener or powder detergent, as well as no special color detergent. The most important thing during the washing process is the degreasing effect, which removes skin residue, sweat and silicone or talc. A special disinfection is not necessary when washing properly. If you want to clean your latex clothes with hand wash, then take a jar, we take the bath for explanation and give a hazelnut-sized amount of detergent in the approximately 2/10 filled bathtub. The water temperature should be at least 25 degrees, like warmer. There are hardly any limits here, unless you want to use boiling water, which is not advised. The warmer, the greater the cleaning effect, as in the washing machine. Now you should put the clothes for a good 10 minutes, also turn and rub with a cloth, or even the hands of the surface, but you do not necessarily do this.

Latex In The Washing Machine And In The Tumble Dryer

If you want to save yourself, especially in larger quantities, the manual labor of washing, then the washing machine is recommended, but here too, especially when dealing with latex clothing to pay attention. So the washing machine must have at least a wool weighing program, or you can set the spin speed to 0. Due to the spinning, the surface of the latex scratched, furthermore, as a result of the inclusion of water in, for example, an attached foot part, and an imbalance in the machine can occur, which in turn can destroy it. Generally you should use a laundry bag and turn the inside out.

After completing the wash, be it by hand or by machine, you must hang up your latex clothing, such as the latex cat suit, to allow it to dry. For non-chlorinated latex clothing we recommend a special cleaning agent, which supports the process of drying. Otherwise, you do not need special care products. Chlorinated latex clothing dries within a short time, with the help of a hair dryer or fan, for example, a latex cat suit is dry in five minutes, only zippers, the textile part of them require a longer drying time.

You can also dry your latex clothes in the tumble dryer for about 10 minutes, but this is recommended in our opinion only with chlorinated latex clothing. A longer duration or higher temperatures like cotton destroys the latex and it can stick to the drum of the dryer.

  • Stains on the latex after the washing process, especially in light and transparent latex are water inclusions, which disappear after some time.
  • Wash with simple detergent, laundry detergent or hair shampoo.
  • Look for ingredients, do not use special care or color products.
  • Washing by hand in the bath, 2/10 filled, at least 25 degrees Celsius, or warmer.
  • No boiling water!
  • When using a washing machine, use only without spinning or using woolwashes cycle.
  • 10 to 20ml detergent in liquid form, no softener!

Dry with hair dryer possible, decency and not too long in one place.Drying in the dryer only conditionally, gentle program (due to temperature) and not longer than five minutes.